Our consultant’s office has more than 25 years experience.

Our customers are international and we give a personalised service to each problem because our aim is to find solutions. We give a good service with efficiency, enthousiasm and dedication.

We prepare Wills in Spanish, English, French and German.

We are Spanish and we speak English, German and French.


We prepare any types of Deeds :

  • Sale/ Purchase
  • Inheritance
  • Cancelation of co-ownership
  • Declaration of Building, increase of the s.q.m. built
  • Powers of Attorney…


We make house insurances, health, death, etc…

We prepare and present the Non-Resident Taxes and Tax Returns.

If you have a language problem with someone, we’ll give you advise and translate as well.

We can put your property on the market for sale and we organize the Deeds of Sale. If you purchase, we can arrange the paper work and deal with the Deeds  and the eventual mortgage with the Bank.

We also make car transfers, changes of driving licence, vehicle imports, and permit renewals, etc…


The best is to come with an appointment to our office at :

Calle del Mar, 13- 3º

29740 Torre del Mar (Málaga)

(near the church)

Tel. 952541485

Fax 952545177

Email :despachovelezm@gmail.com